Do you know that guy that actually worked his way up and became a true honest and fine professional? A professional with exquisite hard skills, but also with a fine vision on how his actions can influence people in a positive way? When you think about someone, it doesn’t have to be a CEO or General Director, but it can also be your everyday colleague… Well in that case, do you know him?

I’m lucky to know a couple of these amazing creatures, and I’m pretty sure you do too. One of them is Philippe. I’ve known Philippe for over 20 years, we’ve been and still are very close friends. At a previous employer, I was able to work with him and this enriched my perspective on a lot of things. But lately, what I like the most about him, is that he’s been doing a lot of introspection in order to further grow on a personal level. And, at the same time, he has combined that with a growth mindset about agility in a professional context. Yes, I speak highly of him, not because he’s a good friend and because he buys me a beer once in a while, but because he came to an understanding that he can influence a lot of people in a positive way, just by showing positive behavior towards ever-changing ways of working inside organisations. If many more of us are willing to rethink behavior in a professional context like he did, we can all achieve amazing things together. Thanks Philippe for inspiring me!

I like to spend my time at the office when I’m working with teams, searching for more efficient ways to improve their effectiveness. WOW, that sounded like a great pitch to impress managers about what I care, sorry for that! The improving thingy starts with confronting individuals or teams with their own behavior. Five days a week, we rush into the office and become “the professional” version of ourselves. Many of us now work in environments of constant change and yet we often don’t want to change although this era of digitization requires us to do so. Hmmm, seems a complicated situation. Luckily the amount of people who are able to change the game and help to mature organisations, is growing. Hooray for all the gamechangers who dare to walk the high wire and dare to confront for the better.

Agile and maturity… it appears that it’s often hard to rhyme them together. There is a lot of fuzz going on right now about doing Agile or being Agile. And it’s a good discussion because it triggers the dialogue that somehow we need to spend attention to the change part of people in this matter. It’s a matter of finding the right balance. From a sociological point of view, trying to understand what drives people inside their environment, can only speed up the change process and so, grow stronger foundations to build further maturity on. By this time, we should have understood that implementing a new way of working, isn’t solely about the process, but in fact it’s about the people embracing the process. And for the people to do so, for them it’s all about seeing the big-picture-shit in order to understand how that actually benefits themselves.

A parallel universe

Know the world you live in today. People appear to walk out of their world into a new world when their daily job starts. But the world they’ve just left behind is still out there and in fact, it is that same world they are trying to service. Yet, we don’t like to change the things we’ve been doing professionally although in our parallel universe we expect sort-like companies to deliver better service. So, we desperately need to invest in mindset. Mindset derives from beliefs and values. That mindset also drives our behavior.

I’ve never done it, so I think I can.

Pippi Longstocking

Humble Bee

Arthur Ashe, a legendary American tennis player was given infected blood given in heart surgery in 1983,. Because of that he died of aids. The story goes that the sick Arthur Ashe replied a letter of one of his fans who asked him: ” Why did God have to choose you for such a horrible illness?”. That letter would later become the famous “Why me?”-letter.

50 Million children started playing Tennis,
5 Million learnt to play Tennis,
500 Thousand learnt Professional Tennis,
50 Thousand came to Circuit,
5 Thousand reached Grand Slam,
50 reached Wimbledon,
4 reached the Semifinals,
2 reached the Finals and

when I was holding the cup in my hand,
I never asked God: "Why Me?"

So now that I'm in pain how can I ask God: "Why Me?"

Happiness keeps you Sweet!
Trials keep you Strong!
Sorrows keep you Human!
Failure keeps you Humble!
Success keeps you Glowing!
But only, Faith keeps you Going!

Sometimes you are not satisfied with your life,
while many people in this world
are dreaming of living your life.

A child on a farm sees a plane fly overhead
dreams of flying.
but, a pilot on the plane sees the farmhouse
& dreams of returning home.

That's life!
Enjoy yours...

If wealth is the secret to happiness,
then the rich should be dancing on the streets.
But only poor kids do that.

If power ensures security,
then VIPs should walk unguarded.
But those who live simply, sleep soundly.

If beauty and fame bring ideal relationships,
then celebrities should have the best marriages.
Live simply, be happy!
Walk humbly and love genuinel

A look in the mirror

“What have I done today that made a difference for myself or for my team?” Making sure a new way of operating sticks, requires from each individual a personal effort. In previous posts, I’ve often wrote about leadership, and their role to inspire people. But each individual, no matter the function or level, influences the impact of change, just by their behavior. So, John or Jane Doe, looking back on today, what did you do to make your professional life or that of the team more valuable? 

Since we live in an era of constant change, we all need to understand that each and everyone of us holds a piece of the puzzle and we are actually all responsible for making the change happen. Leadership must inspire and guide, for sure! At the same time, each individual holds the power to change their own behavior in relation to the updated strategy or values and beliefs of organizations. Once the big picture is clear to us, we should challenge ourselves a bit more to see the world from that new or different perspective. Organizations don’t change just because they like to, it is because they have to in order to give each employee a future inside the organization. I’m pretty sure, if an organization grew to a certain level and made good profit and could continue to do ‘till the end of time, they wouldn’t change a winning approach. But the reality is just completely different.

Well here’s something to think about: People don’t like big promises although they do like to dream. People prefer to be told a realistic view. But what if, in the many changes organisations go through it is not about the happy ending, but all about the journey? It is in fact about seeing the opportunity and start making the difference, and this is behavior each and everyone of us can showcase. You shouldn’t tell yourself that it doesn’t matter, because it’s just a case of perspective. Your behavior, not matter level or rank, can be an inspiration for the ones around you. Making the change happen is a collective responsibility.

So, next time you walk into the office, it would be refreshing to change your behavior in relation to the values and beliefs, and so you can also start influencing the ones around you.

Let’s build cultures of amazement.