A story about empowerment: self organizing team day

This month, the Nike Enterprise and Data Analytics department EMEA, organised a Self Organising Team Day remotely. I’m truly amazed about the way people adopt to this offsite online way of working. The outcome was astonishing with many teams being better balanced out than before and set up for future success. It was all about […]

How new possibilities and balance arise from triangles

Many organizations try to scale their Agile way of working and get advised to adopt some sort of scaling Agile framework. The impact on the organisation is huge but during the process of scaling, whether scaling is the right thing to do for your company or not, we forget to redesign the organization and thus […]

Behaviour drives change

18,3 seconds on the clock. Jordan just stole the ball from the Jazz’s star player Karl Malone and dribbles the ball to the other side of the court. Now it’s Jordan’s time to shine and score that championship winning shot. He hits that 20 footer with just 5,2 seconds on the clock left and give […]

Throw in some slack and focus better

Me, working from home, well I just got a huge boost in doing that. Like so many people worldwide, I was obliged to do so. This homeworking is really pulling me out of my comfort zone, because I liked going to the office and connect with people in real life. But what I experience now […]

Be the inspiration – Be the influencer

Do you know that guy that actually worked his way up and became a true honest and fine professional? A professional with exquisite hard skills, but also with a fine vision on how his actions can influence people in a positive way? When you think about someone, it doesn’t have to be a CEO or […]

Gain something better than you have now

Wednesdays are fun. After work I rush home, have dinner with the family and leave for basketball practice. Wednesdays are also a typical night to watch medical drama television series on television. And so, after practice, I join my wife in that activity. At this moment, it’s the series New Amsterdam: the story of a doctor, Dr Max […]

Great expectations of leadership

Our society became a whole lot harder since the digitisation started taking over our world. During this process politicians have lost connection with the people. Politics is now something that happens far above our heads, in a galaxy far far away. Somehow, this has always been a little bit that way, but the gap between the […]

The undeniable force of values and beliefs

“Culture is a consequence when you implement a new way of working”, is apparently stated by many organisations who help organisations transform to an Agile WoW. Seriously?! Earlier this week I had a chat with a person who told me that 5 different companies proposed their offering for Agile way of working to that organisation […]

A word about balance and see you soon

The past 3 years at Tobania were an unbelievable journey! From the day we’ve presented ourselves to the board up to now, it has been challenging, fun, competitive, relaxing, joyful, difficult! It has been great and amazing #trumpwords. Those who have been working closely with me, know that I was 100% all-in. I really gave […]

How Kata boost your Agile Culture

Getting Agile to work for your organisation, isn’t easy. We all want the benefits of Agile, but we don’t like the struggles that come with this. After a couple of years discussing ‘Agile ways of working’ and looking from the outside in and experiencing from the inside out, I’m more than ever convinced that it […]