Grow sustainable organisations

Organisations are evolving in new and better versions of themselves. The way forward today is a big transformation so it seems. But this comes with a lot of collateral damage. There has to be a better way!  What if you could get a grip on your own organisational culture and be amazed how culture will turn […]

You need renegades

During my vacation, I was lucky to capture a lovely moment when my wife and daughter were staring together at the lake. When I’ve posted the picture on my instagram account, I’ve quoted John C. Maxwell: “A mother is the one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way.’ Well, the quote […]

Build a culture of amazement

“You’re not a leader until you have produced another leader who can produce another leader”.   When we look around on the internet, we get easily inspired by the quotes of Branson, Obama, Jobs, Sinek, … And of course there is much value in their sayings. Their quotes help us to pause, reflect and rethink some aspects […]

Building strong communities

I’ve been a firm believer of Agile ever since it was introduced to me. I’ve learned a lot from the people that inspired me. I thank them all! I’ve quickly learned about the positive effect on teams and tribes while practicing a role as Scrum Master or Agile Coach. Today’s challenge actually goes further than transforming […]

What’s the temperature for change?

You’d better be ready for it. I firmly believe companies will go into a state of constant change. Change because we live in a or world: ordered today, delivered tomorrow and refunded, if necessary, the day after. From mindset and technology point of view, didn’t we all, as consumers, just raised the stakes […]

Why many big agile transformations fail?

A long, long time ago, smartasses in IT came together in UTAH and gave birth to Agile, the manifesto and its principles. Ever since, the world is changing and companies want to embrace the Agile way of working. The effect of implementing an Agile framework, like e.g. Scrum, is that it puts your organisation upside down. It […]