Growing cultures of Amazement

unlocking POWERS to drive cultural change

Learning should be free

Discussing helps to get insights

Get inspired through quotes


We've expect people to perform all the time. All achieved things are seen as normal ...
but is it?

What if we learn to become amazed again. Be amazed about all the amazing stuff happening in the workplace

Thriving Communities

Building strong communities , because communities innovate bottom up

Be the inspiration

We have high expectations of leadership. Today it's all about leading indiviuals and teams through change; Bringing inspiration helps people to get moving

The force of Values and Beliefs

The most common definition describes culture as a system of values and beliefs which we share with others, all which gives us a sense of belonging or identity.

Renegade thinking

Serve something more than yourself.

“Now renegades are the people with their own philosophies.
They change the course of history.
Everyday people like you and me”

Building Trust

Building trust is not easy. It takes a lot of time for people to fully trust each other and the slightest disruption will question the early signs of trust.



A Healthy Product Backlog

A Healthy Product Backlog

In an ideal agile world, I’m engineering amazing stuff and I have an end-user or customer sitting right besides me. The feedback loop is very short, providing me with tons of new insights. You could even say that we actually co-create towards a working solution. But reality is sometimes not what the ideal state looks […]

Pancakes and an Empirical Mindset

Pancakes and an Empirical Mindset

In the past few years, more specific since having kids, Saturday has become synonym for pancakes. Unfortunately for my wife, it is history repeating. She’s been eating pancakes since her childhood and was finally rid of this weekly event. But then, I got in charge of meals at noon on a Saturday. What better way […]

Stop shooting faster than your shadow

Stop shooting faster than your shadow

As I kid, I used to read the comics of Lucky Luke, the cowboy who can shoot faster than his shadow. You simply have to love a cowboy with that amazing skillset. In the far far west back then, you’re pretty much set up for success when you’re riding a horse called Joly Jumper and […]

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