A Healthy Product Backlog

In an ideal agile world, I’m engineering amazing stuff and I have an end-user or customer sitting right besides me. The feedback loop is very short, providing me with tons of new insights. You could even say that we actually co-create towards a working solution. But reality is sometimes not what the ideal state looks […]

Pancakes and an Empirical Mindset

In the past few years, more specific since having kids, Saturday has become synonym for pancakes. Unfortunately for my wife, it is history repeating. She’s been eating pancakes since her childhood and was finally rid of this weekly event. But then, I got in charge of meals at noon on a Saturday. What better way […]

Stop shooting faster than your shadow

As I kid, I used to read the comics of Lucky Luke, the cowboy who can shoot faster than his shadow. You simply have to love a cowboy with that amazing skillset. In the far far west back then, you’re pretty much set up for success when you’re riding a horse called Joly Jumper and […]


I’ve started a new routine this winter, because I have to admit that working from home, zoomcalling all day and the many context switches when jumping from one meeting to another, had really drained my energy at the beginning of January. And so, after my wife and I have put our kids to bed, I’ve […]

Heart of the lion

For years, I’ve thought that Rage Against the Machine did amazing artwork on their first full album. But after almost 30 years after that release, I got to know there is a story behind that artwork. I was triggered to find out after listening to the song ‘Cop Just out of Frame’ from the punkrock […]

Nurturing team’s spontaneity and unpredictability : self-organisation.

Many organisations nowadays believe in high-performing self-organising teams. And for a good reason, because the benefits are huge. But after installing structures in which those teams are going to operate, many organisations somehow believe the team is self-organising as from the day the team got that title. It’s just the way we think change happens. […]

A story about empowerment: self organizing team day

This month, the Nike Enterprise and Data Analytics department EMEA, organised a Self Organising Team Day remotely. I’m truly amazed about the way people adopt to this offsite online way of working. The outcome was astonishing with many teams being better balanced out than before and set up for future success. It was all about […]

How new possibilities and balance arise from triangles

Many organizations try to scale their Agile way of working and get advised to adopt some sort of scaling Agile framework. The impact on the organisation is huge but during the process of scaling, whether scaling is the right thing to do for your company or not, we forget to redesign the organization and thus […]

Behaviour drives change

18,3 seconds on the clock. Jordan just stole the ball from the Jazz’s star player Karl Malone and dribbles the ball to the other side of the court. Now it’s Jordan’s time to shine and score that championship winning shot. He hits that 20 footer with just 5,2 seconds on the clock left and give […]

Throw in some slack and focus better

Me, working from home, well I just got a huge boost in doing that. Like so many people worldwide, I was obliged to do so. This homeworking is really pulling me out of my comfort zone, because I liked going to the office and connect with people in real life. But what I experience now […]